Borges - spaghetti with tomato sauce

Which is the No. 1 pasta dish in Italy?: spaghetti with tomato sauce Although we might struggle to choose from such a wide range of delicious pasta recipes, Italians are in no doubt: they can’t resist spaghetti with tomato sauce.

Borges olive oil - basic ingredient for pasta

The basic ingredient in any pasta dish is… extra virgin olive oil Italians tend to be fairly orthodox when it comes to pasta: Bolognese sauce with tagliatelle, carbonara sauce with spaghetti, and never ever chicken with any pasta dish whatsoever!

Borges - quick and healthy breakfast

A quick and healthy breakfast to go! Need a quick and healthy breakfast to go? How about swapping biscuits and mass-produced baked goods for wholemeal country bread drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil and slices of delicious ham and cheese? You

Borges - Extra virgin olive oil

Quick and easy ways to eat well… with olive oil Did you know that there’s a product that can liven up any dish? Eat way with olive oil from Borges! Here are some ways how. * Add a dash to

Borges - Grilled cheese sandwich

Grilled cheese sandwich with a special twist Who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese sandwich? Simple to make and simply delicious if made well. The classic recipe contains just three ingredients: sliced bread, butter and cheese. It’s best to use

Borges - Appetiser Borges

Fancy a Mediterranean appetiser? Try the latest snacks from Borges The latest Borges olives are an amazingly healthy snack: appetising and nutritional, they are winning fans far and wide. Three flavours, three styles but one thing in common: they all

Borges - Olives

What’s the difference between green and black olives? Green or black? Black or green? If only all of life’s dilemmas were as simple as deciding which type of olive to eat… What’s it to be: the strong taste and energy

Borges - Apero olives

Why are olives so healthy? Round, aromatic tasty morsels… Sometimes olives seem too good to be true! They make the perfect snack for a whole host of reasons. Not only are they blessed with an irresistible flavour and aroma, they’re

Borges - freeze olive oil

Can you freeze olive oil? We’re used to freezing all kinds of raw and cooked foods, so it’s not surprising that many people wonder whether they can freeze olive oil. The answer is yes. Olive oil can go off for

Borges - Olive oil in your diet

Include olive oil in your daily diet There’s no end of reasons… First, because it’s delicious! And so versatile that you can add it to simply any dish: from drizzling it onto your sandwiches to making tasty dressings for your