Different kinds of rice

Different kinds of rice Have you tried all the different kinds of rice? Surely not… Well, here’s a quick rundown, although given that there are more than 100,000 types in total, you’d need an encyclopaedia to cover them all. Basically,

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Borges - Walnut drink

Have you heard about wonderful walnut drink? Versatile walnuts are packed with goodness for your body. Now that more and more people are eager to look after themselves, walnuts in general and walnut drink in particular are a great way

Borges - vegan mayonnaise

How to prepare a vegan mayonnaise? Vegan mayonnaise is made without any eggs or milk. It’s a great option for anyone looking for a sauce to add a touch of flavour to their dishes without consuming any animal products. Vegan

Borges - Apple Cider Vinegar - detox

The definitive detox trick: water and apple cider vinegar Take note of this wonder of nature that not only purifies, cleanses and detox, but also makes you feel full! Apple cider vinegar could become your new best ally for detoxing

Borges apple cider vinegar detox

The vinegar detox revolution Once you’ve discovered the numerous benefits of apple cider vinegar, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Many people swear by its powerful cleansing and digestive properties and have made this 100% natural product a

Borges - olive oil for breakfast

Start the day with olive oil for breakfast! Olive oil for breakfast? We’re lucky to be blessed with such a valuable foodstuff as extra-virgin olive oil, packed with healthy properties and other benefits for our body. This liquid gold is

Borges - sand out of clams

How to get the sand out of clams Here’s the definitive trick to getting sand out of clams. You’ll need three things: a fairly large glass bowl, one or more bottles of fizzy water and a pasta strainer. Put the

Boregs - cutting calories

Ideas for cutting calories without losing taste Now that summer is here, we’re all paying more attention to our figure as we get ourselves beach ready (or at least start to!). We’re also in the mood for light, fresh food.

Borges - fresh cod

Which one is healthier: fresh cod or salted cod? As well as fresh cod, you can also buy dried and salted cod, which is a great way to preserve it with hardly any loss of nutrients. Both versions of this