Borges - top ingredient in your kitchen - olive oil

The top ingredient in your kitchen: extra virgin olive oil Yes! Extra-virgin olive oil is the No. 1 ingredient because you can use it for all these things (and many more besides): Drizzle it over salads as a basic dressing. Or

Borges - Healthy nibbles for all the family

Healthy nibbles for all the family Throw together a range of tasty and healthy nibbles to thrill young and old alike. Simply follow these simple tips! * Vegetable pasta salad, of course. Add raw vegetables left, right and centre: cucumber,

Borges - Mediterranean diet

Ten Commandments to enjoy the Mediterranean diet Follow these Ten Commandments and reap the rewards of the Mediterranean diet. 1 – The fat in your diet should always come from olive oil. 2 – Fruit and vegetables should account for

Borges - Vegetables soups for kids

Vegetable soups for kids There’s no need to complicate things if you want your children to love simple, tasty vegetable soups. Here are four recipes you can make starting with a dash of mild, extra-lightolive oil and topped off with

Borges - Olive oil combinations

Amazing combinations with olive oil On the one hand there are explosive couples, and on the other there are predicable partnerships. Some people work well together despite their differences, whereas others were always meant for each other. Likewise, some of

Borges - Olive oil life expectancy

Extra virgin olive oil increases life expectancy One of the findings of a study on animals carried out by the University of Granada is that, compared with other oils such as fish oil or sunflower oil, a regular intake of

Borges - eat before doing sport

What should I eat before doing sport? This question doesn’t have a simple answer, as it depends on what kind of exercise you’re planning on doing. As a general rule, although you shouldn’t eat too much of anything right before

Borges - toasts for the perfect brunch

Four great recipes on toast for the perfect brunch Brunch brings together the best of breakfast and lunch. After all, that’s where its name comes from: brunch = breakfast + lunch. The perfect brunch is a tasty mixture of sweet

Borges - sunday dinner recipes with pasta

Five dinner recipes to impress your family Daunted by the thought of having to cook sunday dinner for the family? We tend to think that the best recipes are packed with fancy ingredients and take hours to prepare. But that

Borges - We Love Pasta

Why do we love pasta? It’s one of those rare questions with many valid answers. Why do we love pasta? Well, here are some ideas. 1. it’s so versatile. There are a thousand and one pasta recipes, it goes with