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Borges - New year eve menu

A light new year’s eve menu Wondering how to put together a mouthwatering New Year’s Eve menu that keeps the calories under control? Here’s a great idea for a full New Year’s Eve dinner that won’t trouble the bathroom scales.

Borges - Christmas revolution

The latest christmas revolution: alcohol-free cocktails Already thinking about Christmas cocktails to get things going? Fancy something different from the usual G&T or champagne cocktail? How about trying the latest craze that’s sweeping the world: alcohol-free cocktails? Healthy, impressive, original

Borges - Christmas snacks

Three ideas for impressive Christmas snacks So, you’ve invited people round for Christmas and you need to make some pre-lunch or pre-dinner snacks. The easiest option would be to simply open some bags of nuts and leave people to it.

Borge - Light dinner

Light dinners to survive the festive season Lights dinners offer a healthy salvation from the avalanche of food coming your way over Christmas and New Year. Since you’re likely to be rushed off your feet at this time of year,